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Friday, May 27, 2016

WAR - Obama sends troops deep into Syria

From Twitter deep in Syria

U.S. Troops 18 Miles from ISIS Capital
Twitter exposes Obama's secret unconstitutional war
that both parties hide from the public

FATISAH, Syria (The Daily Beast)  —  Ever since U.S. President Barack Obama decided to send 250 more Special Forces to the Syrian battlefield against the so-called Islamic State, they’ve been easy to spot on the front lines in Hasakah, Tisreen Dam, and near Raqqa, the capital of the “caliphate” that’s also called ISIS, ISIL and Daesh.
In a base close to the town of Ayn al-Issa, U.S. soldiers are not only advising, they are also assisting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) very closely on the front line in targeting ISIS positions with mortars and laser guided air strikes.
Now photographs have surfaced of some of the American soldiers wearing the bright red, yellow and green patches of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) that have proved some of the most committed and effective fighters on the ground against ISIS.

Another Unconstitutional War
American soldiers wearing the bright red, yellow and green patches of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG)

Critics note the YPG has close links with the PKK, the Kurdish Workers’ Party that has waged a decades-long guerrilla war against the Turkish government and is flatly labeled terrorist by Turkish officials. 
A de facto alliance between the YPG and the United States led coalition fighting ISIS became evident during the nearly 200-day siege of Kobani, a Syrian town on the Turkish border, where ISIS finally was defeated and rolled back thanks to YPG fighters on the ground and coalition airstrikes.

The photographs, however, suggest a much tighter relationship, and one more perilous for American soldiers on the front lines than had been previously acknowledged by the U.S. administration.

American troops in Raqqa deep inside Syria.
It is unclear if the pictures were taken with YPG permission. In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, coalition forces that train Kurdish Peshmerga forces do not allow journalists to shoot pictures of their faces.
Moreover, the YPG media office initially told local journalists not to take video footage of the U.S. Special Forces. Nevertheless, still pictures and videos were published online showing U.S. soldiers involved in the Northern Raqqa operation that was launched last Tuesday, 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the city of Raqqa itself.
The photographs posted on Twitter Thursday are an outward display of a quietly evolving—and complex— U.S. policy in Syria.
Where the U.S. once said it would not enter Syria, its troops now are leading the effort to find and train enough local Arab fighters to enter the Arab city of Raqqa.
This is key, because the Kurds are reluctant to fight beyond the borders of the lands that many hope someday will be the frontiers of an independent Kurdish nation. While they might spearhead—or support—a fight to drive ISIS from Raqqa and eventually from Mosul in Iraq, it’s unlikely they could or would secure those cities over the long run.
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No Declaration of War By Congress
But American Troops are now in Syria

Constitution. What Constitution?
Both the GOP and Democrats are hiding this new secret war.  Neither party gives a damn about the Constitution.

"The constitution vests the power of declaring war in Congress; therefore no offensive expedition of importance can be undertaken until after they shall have deliberated upon the subject and authorized such a measure."

George Washington

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