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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Obama sends special forces to Libya - Hires Gadaffi Fighters To Oust ISIS From Libya

Obama's Unconstitutional War

  • Dear Leader Obama is spreading death and destruction in unconstitutional wars in Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.
  • BUT do the Republicans impeach him for violating the Constitution? Naturally no. The big government loving GOP could care less about their oath to uphold our laws.

(Western Journalism)  -  Last month, President Obama finally admitted he had made a mistake in the Middle East.  Obama said his worst Middle East mistake in his eight years was during the U.S. led intervention that removed Colonel Gadaffi from power in Libya.

As Western Journalism reportedAmerican and British Special Forces are already in Libya where they are conducting intelligence-gathering operations in the area of the Islamic State’s stronghold, Sirte. They are also assisting in setting up a national command center to supervise the anticipated offensive against ISIS in Sirte, and are reportedly helping to form a coalition of rebel factions against ISIS.

The coalition of fighters is around 7,000 and will have some very strange bedfellows. Not only are Islamists part of the coalition, but also rival rebel factions and commanders who fought on Gaddafi’s side during the revolution. The former Gaddafi soldiers see their participation in the campaign against ISIS as a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of fellow Libyans after some of their disgruntled comrades invited the Islamic State to Sirte.

The Presidential Council of the GNA that is trying to take control of Libya warned earlier that an uncoordinated campaign against ISIS could lead to a new civil war which would aggravate the situation in the country and could be used by the Islamic State to make further gains.

The Islamic State’s 6,000 fighters, meanwhile, did not wait until the coalition was formed and advanced in the direction of Misrata, Libya’s third-largest city.

The Islamic State in Libya issued a statement announcing they have captured five villages along the coast on the road to Misrata which lies 140 kilometers west of Sirte.

Al Jazeera released a video showing how ISIS used suicide bombers to begin the assault that ended in the capture of Abugrein and the other villages.
ISIS is now in control of more than 250 kilometers of the Libyan coastal plain.

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Obama air strikes in Libya
And the unconstitutional wars go on and on

(RT News)  -  Members of the UN Security Council say they’re ready to lift an arms embargo and supply the Libyan government with weapons to combat Islamic State terrorists.
This decision is stated in an official communique of talks in Vienna, signed by all five permanent UN Security Council members (the US, Russia, France, UK and China), as well as representatives of over 15 other countries participating in the talks. It comes after Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj called for lifting arms embargo to support the national army earlier on Monday.
The Government of National Accord has voiced its intention to submit appropriate arms embargo exemption requests to the UN Libya Sanctions Committee to procure necessary lethal arms and materiel to counter UN-designated terrorist groups and to combat [Islamic State or IS, formerly ISIS] throughout the country,” the communique states.
We will fully support these efforts while continuing to reinforce the UN arms embargo."
Libyan Premier Fayez al-Sarraj said his government is preparing to submit a weapons wish list. 
We have a major challenge ahead of us [fighting extremists],” he said, urging the international community to assist his government in combatting terrorism.

The war-torn North African nation is currently under a UN embargo imposed to keep lethal weapons away from the hands of terrorists, as well as alternate forces that seek to overthrow the UN-backed government.

Islamic State 'could control two thirds of Libya' - BBC News

ISIS militants drive in procession through the northeastern Libyan city of Sirte, in a video released by the group on Feb. 19, 2015.

Another clusterfuck of Dear Leader Obama

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