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Thursday, February 11, 2016

NY school does "Hijab Day" for non-Muslims

Creeping Sharia

  • Hijabs for all!!!!  But somehow I doubt that the school invites Muslims to wear Jewish yamakas or Christian crosses.

Rochester, N.Y. (ABC News)  -  At a student's request, the World School of Inquiry in Rochester held World Hijab Day, Friday.
"Our school believes in diversity and inclusion," said World School of Inquiry Principal Sheela Webster, who approved the day along with the district.
Last month, Eman Muthana wrote a one page letter to Webster, asking her if the school could participate in World Hijab Day. Muthana wrote, "World Hijab Day invites every woman to wear the hijab for a day so they would experience how women who wear the hijab are treated by others. The purpose of this is to educate, and feel part of the school community."
Critics lashed out on social media as word spread about the public school's decision to partake in the day that some say violates the separation of church and state.
"As a high school teacher for over 30 years, let me say that this is wrong on so many levels," wrote Jim Farnholz. "All religions are taught in our global studies classes. That being said, that is where understanding, tolerance and the good and bad of religion and history are taught. This, however is a clear violation of separation of church and state."
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Double Standard
The insane liberals at the school invited non-Muslim girls to dress up
as Muslims. Call me crazy, but I kind of doubt the school asked
Muslims to dress up as Jews.

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