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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Islamic morality police arrest shop’s mascot for “showing skin”

The vile temptress dares to show skin

(Jihad Watch)  -  Women must cover themselves in public! It is the command of Muhammad! Can’t you see how this unveiled mascot could drive men to distraction?

Sharia Follies from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places: “Saudi morality police arrest a sweet shop’s MASCOT for ‘showing skin,'” by Simon Tomlinson, MailOnline, February 9, 2016:
A man has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for wearing a cartoon costume of a woman showing skin.
The country’s morality police swooped on the suspect who was dressed as a mascot for the opening of a sweet shop in Kharaj city near the capital Riyadh.
He was accused of not complying with the strict Islamic dress code which requires women to cover themselves in public.
Pictures posted on social media show the giant mascot being apprehended by officers and the costume bundled in the back of the police car.
Even Saudis themselves thought the incident was bizarre, with many using the Twitter hashtag #TheMoralityPoliceArrestingADummy to poke fun at the arrest, it was reported by Vocativ.
Some went further, saying the morality police were making a mockery of Saudi Arabia in the eyes of the world.
One tweeted: ‘You made the world laughing at us, you animals.’
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