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Monday, February 15, 2016

Criminal charges filed for criticizing illegal aliens

A float at a Bavarian carnival was mocked up as a Nazi tank with the words
“Asylum Defence” written along it
  Photo: Florian Simbeck/Facebook

The Thought Police Attack Speech

  • You will be called a "racist" if you dare to say out loud that your nation, culture and religion has the right to exist behind secure borders. 
  • But the liar political hacks on both the Right and the Left want those borders left wide open.

(London Telegraph)  -  Police in Germany are investigating whether a carnival parade in Bavaria broke hate crime laws after it included a float mocked up as a Nazi tank with the words “Asylum Defence” written along it.
Annual carnival parades in Germany before the start of Lent are famous for their satirical floats, and are traditionally granted considerable licence.
But there were objections that the float at Steinkirchen had gone too far, and amounted to incitement against asylum-seekers.
Multiple criminal complaints were also filed over another parade in eastern Germany which featured participants dressed as locusts and the slogan: “The plague is coming”.
They were marching alongside a float mocked up as a train with the words “The Balkan Express” written on it.
There was dismay after the carnival passed peacefully without any repeat of the Cologne New Year sex attacks, only for the parades which are the culmination of the annual celebrations to be called off.
The successful carnival has seen the city emerge from the cloud of the New Year sex attacks.
Meanwhile there were complaints parades in Bavaria and eastern Germany had gone too far in their satire of asylum-seekers.
Traditionally no subject is taboo in the carnival parades, and previous years have seen floats with caricatures of suicide bombers and Angela Merkel on the lavatory.
But the “Asylum Defence” tank in Steinkirchen attracted widespread criticism on social media.
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The Muslim Invasion of Europe - Pat Condell

And both Conservatives and Leftist open the borders wide for Islam.

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