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Monday, February 22, 2016

Carnival in Rio ends - The world's most beautiful women

A Public Service From The Federalist

  • There is no doubt that Brazil has the the most beautiful women in the world.  So as a public service to our readers here are a few shots from the recently ended Carnival in Rio.

(London Daily Mail)  -  Thousands of dancers wearing elaborate bikini costumes - and often little more - have capped Brazil's Carnival celebrations by tossing aside fears of the Zika virus and hosting a wild two-day party.

They strutted into the final round of the Rio Carnival's samba championship today, as the six last samba schools were preening feather headdresses and adjusting their G-strings and other tiny garments favored by lead dancers ahead of tonight's all-night parades.

The performances mark the two-day climax of a Carnival season estimated to attract five million people. The champion samba school will be announced on Wednesday, closing the self-declared 'greatest show on Earth'.

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Unknown said...

Silicone and cosmetic surgery must be a lot cheaper there . . .