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Friday, February 19, 2016

Trump jumps 8 points among Vets after trashing George Bush

Mission NOT Accomplished

For some strange reason the fools in the Republican Party say you are not a real "Conservative" unless you supported the moronic invasion of Iraq by the Chickenhawk team of Bush-Cheney.

In the first Gulf War George H.W. Bush did not want to take out Iraq because it would destabilize the Middle East and allow Iran to gain power.  But Baby Bush (who avoided the draft with his dad's help) wanted to play soldier with other people's lives and created a massive clusterfuck of a nightmare.

Bill Hemmer reported Fox News:

"What I think is interesting. Martha. from the polling we just put out, the debate on Saturday night when Donald Trump went after George Bush – a Republican candidate, in a Republican debate, in a Republican primary in a Republican red state, Donald Trump among veterans in our polling goes up 8 points in this poll than he was two months ago in December. He’s at 37 percent up from 29 in December. Ted Cruz stayed static. 22 for Ted Cruz two months ago. 22 now."

Thanks to The Gateway Pundit

Postings on the Gateway Pundit site on this story:

How do you tell men who have had their limbs blown off or their brain concussed or their orphaned children that the sacrifice blood, sweat n' tears were used to enhance Irans power in Iraq, to generate a flood of raping refugees into Europe and America?    Captain John Charity Spring MA

Why would Veteran's feel compelled to Defend Bush's War? The Marines died taking Fallujah TWICE, and did so in order for their CINC to run a Politically Correct Post-War fiasco; accelerate the "islam is a Religion of Peace" meme; begin the 1.5 million Muslim importation to the U.S. program; lose Congress to the Democrats and then hand over the CINC job to OBAMA who rendered the maiming of our soldiers and their loss of life POINTLESS! This poll is really no surprise. Veteran's do not appreciate going through hell, winning the wars, then losing the peace. Bush did LIE when he ordered airlines to NOT profile Arabs, and played Love-A-Muslim with all the Democrats.    India Maria 

Bush lied about the war. The truth is the war was in the works for a decade. The globalists had a plan to run the table in the middle east and have war in every country. Let's see they came pretty close to it. Afghanastan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and now they want a regime change in Syria. The Bush family is all in for war. Their grandfather made money off of World War II by financing Hitler, he was slapped with a trading with the enemy suit by Roosevelt, The Bush's gave out no bid contracts to their friends and buddies, Halliburton made a huge amount of money in Iraq. Bush's look at war for profits and blood is on their hands.    seekingtruth


I liked W too, however, if there were WMD, he should have: 1 - known where it was 2 - secured them immediately upon invasion 3 - secured Iraq by settling for nothing less than complete surrender. None of this happened which is why we MUST be honest about what he did. He screwed up royally and we are suffering the consequences. BTW, It only took 3 years to secure Europe in WWII.    Commie Kisser

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