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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pro Cruz Conservative media lies about poll

Lies of Omission to Advance Ted Cruz
Even the Conservative Media Machine will lie as needed to advance their agenda or candidate.

By Gary;

"Thou shalt not lie."

The Commandment didn't work then, and it sure the Hell does not work today.

So a new NBC poll conveniently comes out a couple days before the South Carolina primary that, unlike all other polls, "magically" reports Ted Cruz is beating Trump 28% to 26%.

Within seconds Fox News started beating their anti-Trump drum and promoting that poll.  Also the Conservative Washington Examiner made it their major story.

But deep down in the original NBC poll it was a different story that somehow did not get reported by Fox or the Washington Examiner.
  • NBC News:  "Another possible explanation for Trump's decline in the new NBC/WSJ poll is an increase in "very conservative" Republican voters from January's sample. If the current poll is re-weighted to reflect the ideological composition from last month, the GOP horserace numbers are: Trump 26 percent, Cruz 25 percent, Rubio 18 percent and Kasich 13 percent — so Trump is ahead by one point, but still down from January".

TRANSLATION  -  The poll was rigged with too many "very conservative" voters. The entire poll should be trashed as phony.

Two other polls taken at the same time (2-10 to 2-15) show Trump far ahead nationally. Quinnipiac has Trump with 39% and USA Today has Trump 35%.

The real polls where people vote are coming.  The truth will come out.  I just hate the media doing their usual manipulation of the people.

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