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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Anti-Jihad post on Facebook gets man a fine from the government

Post only government approved thoughts
The Danish government is cracking 
down on freedom of speech

(Google Translation - Ekstra Blatet)  -  It costs the now convicted Flemming Nielsen four daily fine of 400 kroner each to compare Islam with Nazism. It's right in Elsinore settled today, writes TV2 . He must also pay the costs, according to domsresuméet .
Specifically, there was the following statements, as Flemming Nielsen wrote as a comment to a posting on someone's Facebook Wall November 29, 2013:
'The ideology Islam is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists here to Denmark, is the most devastating Danish society has suffered in recent historical times'.
'Generalizing claims'
According domsresuméet court assessed Flemming Nielsen's opinions 'as generalized allegations insulting and degrading followers of Islam.'
Flemming Nielsen is strongly dissatisfied with the judgment because he did not believe he violates the criminal code racism paragraph.
- I have not violated the article, I was accused of. I did not mention the religion of Islam or Muslims with a word. It is referred to the Islamists and the ideology of Islam, says Flemming Nielsen for TV 2 .
Flemming Nielsen feels that his freedom of expression has been restricted.
- I see it as a principle. They must not be allowed to suppress people's freedom of speech, he told the television station.
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