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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

UPDATE: Muslim attacker at UC Merced had ISIS FLAG

ISIS Flag? Must be workplace violence

(The Right Scoop)  -  So it turns out that Faisal Mohammad, the Muslim stabber at UC Merced who investigators are trying to portray as a loner with anger issues and saying this had nothing to do with terrorism despite him being on a terrorist watch list, had a printout of an ISIS flag in his possession.
Not only that, but this case has now been turned over to the FBI based on new details about the websites he visited before the attack and how he was dressed during the attack:
MERCED SUN-STAR – New details that have emerged about the 18-year-old computer science student who was shot and killed by police after stabbing four people last week at UC Merced have led authorities to hand control of the criminal investigation to campus police and the FBI, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke confirmed.
The decision was made after “new information” about Faisal Mohammad came to light Saturday, Warnke said. He declined to elaborate.
“I’m not at liberty to discuss the information, but the developments on Saturday caused us to turn that over to (UC Merced) and the FBI will assist them,” Warnke said.
A law enforcement official, who spoke to the Sun-Star on condition of anonymity, said the information included questions about the manner in which Mohammad was dressed during the Nov. 4 attack and the types of websites he may have visited in the weeks and days before. Additionally, the official said, investigators found a printout of an image of an Islamic State flag among Mohammad’s belongings.
Amazing. They still are playing this down in public despite what they already know about this man and his terrorist sympathies. This guy wasn’t an angry loner, this guy was a lone-wolf ISIS terrorist who praised Allah in the very note he left for police to read and had a printout of an ISIS flag. It was terrorism and they know it, and they need to come clean about this to the American people.
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