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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sanders: Halt deportations, faster citizenship for illegal aliens

Remind me again how this works?

- - - - I can choose between and open borders Democrat or an open borders Republican for Congress? Excuse me, but that system is screwed.

(Washington Times)  -  Democratic presidential candidate Bernard Sanders said Monday he would grant a blanket deportation amnesty to most illegal immigrants and welcome a new surge of illegal immigrants from Central America as he accused Republicans of “racism” for demanding stiffer immigration enforcement.
Speaking to immigration activists in Nevada, Mr. Sanders, the son of immigrants, said illegal immigrants should get quick citizenship, and it shouldn’t be dependent on whether the border is secured first, and he demanded Congress pass a more generous bill than the 2013 immigration measure that cleared the Senate.
But Mr. Sanders also said if he wins the White House, he’ll follow President Obama’s lead and act unilaterally to expand the current deportation amnesty to include nearly all illegal immigrants.
“The bottom line is that we cannot, and we should not, sweep up millions of men, women and children — many of whom have been here for years — and throw them out of the country,” he said in remarks prepared for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement summit.
 And the Vermont senator said he would allow even illegal immigrants who have been deported but sneak back into the U.S. to get on track for citizenship under his plans.
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