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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Up to 200,000 people march in Poland against illegal alien Muslims

Eastern Europe Rises Against 
Muslim Illegal Aliens
  • Even my Google translation of the original article is choppy. Polish must be a bitch. But the Poles are up in arms at the EU trying to shove Muslim illegal aliens down their throats.
  • Other Eastern European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovenia are putting up border fences against the illegals.

(Vlad Tepas)  -  This is a summary of an article from Polish media with additional information from reliable sources that were present at the march.

The article estimates 50,000 people, but one photographer known to the translator estimated the actual turn out at closer to 200,000 people.

In the video at the source link, from the 100,000-strong Independence March** on 11 November, the chant is “Two brothers – a Pole and a Hungarian”.
(This phrase alludes to a saying (in Polish): “Polak, Wegier – dwa bratanki. Do szabli i do szklanki”. In English: “A Pole and a Hungarian – two brothers. To the sword and to the glass.” )
(The two countries have historically a lot of links. The translator has many experiences of traveling and meeting Hungarians who form an instant bond over beer and, the understanding is brothers in arms if needed.)

Thank you Green Infidel for the translation and advice on this one.
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Warsaw, Poland after the Germans got done with it in World War II
Quote of the Year
Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, of the Law & Justice party that won last month’s election after promising to take the country out of the “EU mainstream,” recalled the Nazi destruction of Warsaw during World War II when asked about German politicians’ comments suggesting Poland should show more solidarity in trying to resolve the migrant crisis.
“This is another example of German arrogance,” Blaszczak told TVN24 on Tuesday. “We are in Warsaw, which was destroyed by Germans agents, who murdered 50,000 people, including women and children” during a raid on its Wola district in 1944, he said.  (Bloomberg News)

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