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Saturday, November 7, 2015

John Boehner to have a taxpayer funded office

GOP Sucks on the Public Teat

  • The taxpayer funded office of ex-Speaker of the House. Who knew such a bullshit thing even existed? 
  • It is not surprising to see the "small government" Republicans furiously sucking on the public teat created by the Democrats. Both parties are made up of liars and whores looting the treasury for their own gain.

(ABC News)  -  Former speakers have been entitled to federal offices since 1970, according to a 2014 report from the Congressional Research Service. The measure was passed two weeks before then-Speaker John McCormack, who served in the House for 43 years, left Congress.
The House authorized allowances for the Massachusetts Democrat to keep and run an office with two secretaries for two years after leaving Congress –- a perk extended to any future former speakers.
It's not clear how much Boehner's new office will cost, as money has yet to be appropriated for the next fiscal year. Funding for the office would come from the year-end omnibus package Congress needs to pass by Dec. 11, according to a House Appropriations Committee spokesperson.
Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, Republican-Illinois, (who left Congress in 2007) spent roughly $1.9 million on an office in Illinois from 2008-2012, and paid three staffers more than $100,000 each a year, according to the Chicago Tribune, which also found Hastert used the office to conduct private business.
Practically, the office will facilitate the archiving of Boehner’s records and serve as a resource to new House Speaker Paul Ryan and his growing team, as the Wisconsin Republican and his staff become accustomed to his many new responsibilities, Schnittger said.
Boehner can also use the space to meet with former colleagues on Capitol Hill on any lingering legacy items.
Boehner, who flew to Ohio last Friday after leaving Congress, hasn’t announced his post-congressional plans. Golf is all but certain; speaking engagements and a book deal are also possibilities.
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