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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is Obama pushing for World War III?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand before his assassination in Sarajevo 

Turkey and Obama Defend ISIS
The military-industrial complex wants eternal war
with U.S. weapons used on the Russians

By Gary;

I can tell you that if I was Putin I would be pissed as Hell.

For years Putin showed great restraint over the Obama's unconstitutional attacks on Syria. But Dear Leader Obama has crossed the line by supporting Islamist Turkey in shooting down a Russian fighter (with U.S. weapons) that was bombing Islamists. Then the Russian rescue helicopter was downed with U.S. weapons.

It was just a few weeks ago that Turkey refused to condemn ISIS for bombing the Russian passenger jet in Egypt.

But all of this is nothing new.  Turkey has been backing ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds, which is why Obama does not arm the Kurds.  The Saudis have backed ISIS as their weapon against Assad's version of Islam, and the CIA has been pouring mountains of weapons to Syrian Islamist groups.

Staring Down into Bloody Hell

Let's all march off to war say the Elites.

The obedient American Media Machine viciously attacks Russia for daring to defend their long time ally from attack in Obama's undeclared war.  Putin is portrayed as a "monster" for bombing Islamists, and the non-thinking Sheeple of the West are urged by the media and politicians to hate Russia.

The bottom line is Turkey and Obama don't want Russia to bomb their ISIS allies.

Thanks to Obama and Hillary much of north Africa is in flames: Presidential guards bombed in Tunisia, Libya in anarchy, a passenger jet downed in Egypt.  The Middle East is simply one giant clusterfuck.

I suspect that Turkey would never have fired even one shot at a Russian jet without the go ahead being given by the White House.

We are very close to August, 1914.

If all goes according to plan soon we can have lots of graves
Syria carved on the headstone.

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