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Friday, November 6, 2015

Christie and Huckabee - Death by Polling

Going, Going and now Gone
Thinning the herd is always painful and unfair.
Huckabee & Christie tossed from Fox debate.

By Gary;

You know our elections for President are really screwed up.

Nothing in our current system was planned by the Founding Fathers.  The indirect election of our President through the Electoral College was intended to be a gathering of elder statesmen chosen by the state legislatures.

Instead our system has evolved (or devolved?) into an orgy of backstabbing, madness and candidates pandering to the masses by eating chocolate covered bacon at state fairs. . . . all of it funded by special interest groups.

Death by Polls  -  Live TV debates have caused candidates to breed like rabbits until it takes two different stages and two different debates to hold them all. It all comes down to ego. Politicians think everyone loves them and demand to hear every word they speak.

The latest twist is public opinion polls deciding who the public will be allowed to hear at the debate.  Governors Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie have been decapitated by polling.

Is this fair? No. But there are too many candidates on stage as it is.

Fox News set the bar low requiring only a 2.5% poll average to debate. Why should Christie or Huckabee, with under 2.5%, get equal air time with Trump who has 23% to 30% in assorted polls?

Election Reform
How about Oregon voting first?

The debate system is limping along OK, but the election system is broken and needs to be reformed and opened up to more people around the nation.

It is an act of national insanity that Iowa and New Hampshire are first every four years. In every election the herd of candidates is rapidly being thinned out before 90% of the nation even gets a chance to vote.

There are endless plans out there. Rotating who will be the first five states to vote is logical.  Divide the country into five ten state regions and pull a name out of a hat for each. Have a regional primary every week for five weeks.

How about this for the first five regional primaries:

  1. Oregon (West Region)
  2. Georgia (South)
  3. New York (Northeast)
  4. Indiana (Great Lakes)
  5. Kansas (Fly over country)

In the first five weeks every region has a say in our future then make it a free for all with states doing their own thing. This is my thought but something must be done to organize the madness.

Election Reform
Way back in June, 2011 I wrote one of my first articles for a fledgling blog called THE FEDERALIST.  I loudly declared "Does anyone really give a damn about Iowa?" and that the great state of California should be first in the nation to vote.
The article link below picks up where I left off. and proposes a mini-California primary about the size of Iowa.  It is criminal that the largest American state has no say at all in who will be President.
Let California Pick the Next President - A Mini Primary

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