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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does anyone really give a damn about Iowa?

or New Hampshire either . . . . the way we select Presidents is insane

Gotta love those California girls

"I've been all around this great big world
And I seen all kinds of girls
Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the states
Back to the cutest girls in the world

I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California girls"

- - - The Beach Boys

It is that time again.  Another Presidential election is coming.  Someone has to say it, but no one will.  So I guess it is up to me.

Does anyone really give a damn about Iowa?  or New Hampshire for that matter.

The answer is a solid NO.  No one cares about the opinions of the voters of either state.  In any sane world why would our leaders allow the next President of the United States to be chosen by two tiny and insignificant states?

Yes I said it.  TINY and INSIGNIFICANT.  Sorry but those are the facts.

With nearly 38,000,000 people California is once again
given the shaft and ignored in Presidential politics
California:  The Golden State

I am a proud 4th generation Californian, and I am mad as Hell that another election is coming and the voters of the largest state in the nation are not allowed a voice. 

Our Presidential primary was moved back to June so California voters would have no voice in any way, shape or form in the selection a President.

When a young child dreams his great dreams late at night I can guaran-damn-tee you he is not dreaming about Iowa.

The children and adults of the world dream of the greatness of California and long to come here with every fiber of their being.  And come they do.  California is a melting pot of almost every culture on earth.  A short list of some my business clients shows it.  They have come from Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Korea, Indonesia, India, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and more.

Simply with nearly 38,000,000 people California has it all and then some.  The Golden Gate, the wonders of the Hollywood film industry, the Colorado River, the Redwoods, Lake Tahoe, Surfing, Carmel, Disneyland, Silicon Valley, Palm Springs, Monterey, San Diego, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, the Sierra Nevadas and the Central Valley the bread basket of the world.

The Hollywood film industry has impacted the entire
planet earth like few others

Politically California has the largest Congressional delegation with 53 Congressmen.  Republicans hold 19 of those seats making California a major player in the GOP Caucus.

The entire state of Iowa has the population of San Diego County.  A single California county. 

The population of entire state of New Hampshire is 700,000 less than the County of San Bernardino.  Again, a single California County.

It is a joke of the highest order and an insult to anyone with a brain that tiny and insignificant states have first crack at voting and thinning the field of candidates.

California should have the first shot.  Period.  We are the biggest and the best.  Sorry you guys from those lesser 49 states.  But you don't cut it.  But even so, the large states of  New York, Florida and Texas should be front loaded into the primaries.  There has to be election reform.

Sorry . . . No one cares about Iowa or New Hampshire girls

But California girls . . . that is another matter.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but the women in the top photo are models from Great Britain, not homegrown California girls.