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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pat Condell - Sweden - Islam and the Ship of fools

A Must See Videos

Internet opinion journalist Pat Condell takes on the stench of hypocrisy from the “progressive” high moral ground.

“Anything but the truth” could be a “progressive” motto.

Sweden - Islam and the Ship of fools
The shape of things to come on planet "progressive".  Sweden swings to left in parliamentary election.  Idiot Swedish police on rioting Muslims: “It is some kind of statement against society, but exactly what that statement is, we don’t know”

Pat Condell is a writer and comedian Internet personality. He performed alternative comedy shows during the 1980s and 1990s in the United Kingdom, and won a Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He was also a regular panellist on BBC Radio 1's "Loose Talk".

From early 2007, he began posting short monologues denouncing religion to a number of video sharing websites. His videos have been featured on many websites, including YouTube and LiveLeak. They have also been published on DVD, and also as a book of video transcripts. As of July 2013, Condell's YouTube channel has over 189,689 subscribers and 46 million video views.

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