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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

General: It will take "years" to train our Syrian "allies"

Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III
Commander of U.S. Central Command

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From the "How stupid do they 
think we are department?"

By Gary;

“It will take time.

That was the line used repeatedly by the U.S. general leading the military campaign against the Islamic State.

While Army Gen. Lloyd Austin praised some “encouraging” signs, he cautioned patience on virtually every aspect of this open-ended battle, suggesting that it would take years to build viable Iraqi and Syrian partner forces, reclaim territory from the militants, and reform the oppressive governments whose policies fuel extremism.

“We can and will get the job done and done well,” Austin said. “But, again, it will take time.”

100% Pure Bullshit

Hell, the CIA has already been training and arming "moderate" Islamists for years to fight Syria.  Just how many years more will it take until these very questionable troops are ready? . . . assuming they don't join ISIS once we give them weapons.

Any honest historian has to wonder about the quality of American military training.

World War II  -  “Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world,” said General Douglas MacArthur in typical American bravado.  The problem is the U.S. "trained" and armed Filipino Army collapsed in a matter of weeks.

Korean War  -  The U.S. "trained" and armed South Korean Army also collapsed in a matter of weeks running for the coast at the far southern tip of the nation.

Vietnam War  -  The U.S. "trained" and armed South Vietnamese Army also collapsed in the face of renewed Communist attacks.  In this case Gerald Ford and the Democrat Congress helped the Communists along be refusing to resupply the South Vietnamese.

ISIS - Iraq War  -  Years and years of U.S. "training" and billions in spending saw an almost instant collapse of the Iraqi Army once it faced a real enemy.

NEXT: Afghanistan  -  Coming soon, yet another U.S. "trained" and armed army will face an enemy with resolve.  Will the Afghans stand against committed Islamists or will there be wholesale desertion to the the Taliban?  

Time will tell on Afghanistan, but history says we may have to welcome the coming Taliban rulers of Afghanistan. 

Fall of Saigon
Yet another example of American "trained" and armed troops.
Pardon me if I see a pattern here.

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