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Friday, October 10, 2014

UKIP wins election in a landslide - The "Conservative" Party is crushed

The UKIP fearlessly takes on immigration.

The People Speak
  • Ukip wins Clacton with 12,404 majority crushing the Conservatives, and almost snatches Heywood from the Labour Party.
  • The British voters are telling their ruling Elites to screw themselves.  Meanwhile voters in the U.S. are force fed a corrupt two-party only system that exists by and for the Washington D.C. Oligarchy.  We need election reform now.

A remarkable byelection result often produces a headache for one of the two main political parties. As Nigel Farage goes to bed tonight, he will be taking satisfaction from the fact that he has managed to alarm them both.

David Cameron will wake up on the morning after his birthday to ponder what to say about a byelection which saw the Conservative share of the vote fall by almost 30 percentage points. But he has been predicting this for weeks, and it will not come as a shock.

For Ed Miliband, the slender scale of his victory in Heywood and Middleton will come as a shock.

Some newspapers have already been talking up a putative Labour leadership crisis this week, and you should expect to hear a lot more of this over the next 48 hours reports The Guardian.

There will be a lot more analysis tomorrow - or, rather, later today. I’ll be writing a reaction blog in the morning.

Meanwhile, let’s finish on the two key points.
  • Douglas Carswell has become the first person to be elected as a Ukip MP, holding his seat with almost 60% of the vote and causing the Conservative vote to tumble.
  • Labour has only narrowly held Heywood and Middleton, where Ukip forced a recount and lost by only 617 votes. One Labour MP, John Mann, has already said the result shows why Miliband must change course.

Warning to American Readers
Please do not be frightened by the election results below.  This is what the rest of the world calls free elections where voters are given many real choices on their ballot.  Free multi-party elections.  Something the U.S. has not experienced in multiple generations.
Maybe we should try freedom in the United States.

Special Election Results

By-election 2014: Clacton
UKIPDouglas Carswell21,11359.7N/A
ConservativeGiles Watling8,70924.6-28.4
LabourTim Young3,95711.2-13.8
GreenChris Southall6881.9+0.7
Liberal DemocratAndrew Graham4831.3-11.6
IndependentBruce Sizer2050.6N/A
Monster Raving LoonyAlan "Howling Laud" Hope1270.4N/A
IndependentCharlotte Rose560.2N/A
UKIP gain from ConservativeSwing+44.1


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The Collapse of "Conservatism"

Special Election Results - Labour nearly Defeated

Heywood and Middleton by-election, 2014
LabourLiz McInnes11,63340.9+0.8
UKIPJohn Bickley11,01638.7+36.1
ConservativeIain Gartside3,49612.3-14.9
Liberal DemocratAnthony Smith1,4575.1-17.6
GreenAbi Jackson8703.1N/A
Labour holdSwing


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Nigel Farage, Ukip leader

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