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Friday, October 24, 2014

GOP ahead in deep blue Illinois governor's race

45%  -  GOP
       43%  -  Democrat
          4%  -  Libertarian

Races around the country are close.  I suspect that when voters have their ballot in front of them they will break for the GOP.  No sane person would cast a vote supporting Comrade Obama.

A Victory by Default  -   If the GOP wave hits it will not be because the Republicans actually did much of anything to deserve it.  Basically they are running as the "we are not Obama" party.  But considering the mouth-breathing nature of the Sheeple casting the votes that may be enough to win the day.

A new poll by the Chicago Tribune says the Illinois Governor’s race is closer than ever.

The poll involves 800 registered voters who were surveyed October 16 through October 21.

Republican challenger Bruce Rauner was behind in the polls in September. But this latest poll gives him 45 percent of the vote.

Governor Pat Quinn has 43 percent.

That two percent gap is within the poll’s margin of error. The race could get decided by voters looking elsewhere.

Libertarian candidate Chad Grimm is getting four percent of the vote. But eight percent said they were undecided or supporting other candidates.

Rauner’s surge is being credited to his rising support from white, suburban women who tend to be socially moderate and fiscally conservative.

Rauner has 57 percent of the support from that group.

Quinn only has 35 percent.

(WGN TV.com)

The GOP Wave Cometh.

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