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Monday, October 13, 2014

Labour MP will be next to join UKIP - 24 seats could go UKIP

The party leader looked confident as he spoke with voters in Rochester and Strood this morning after suggesting Ukip had 'enough momentum' behind it to sway the general election in May.  Flanked by Tory defectors Mark Reckless (left) and newly elected Douglas Carswell (right) he said 'it is a possibility' his party could come into power next year.

A British Political Earthquake
  • The pro-endless immigration Conservative Party is in collapse and there is a massive revolt against among left-wing Labour voters over the issue.
  • Meanwhile is the U.S. we have a pretend "election" in November between two pro-endless immigration parties. The Democrats want to flood the country with new voters and the Wall Street controlled GOP wants to flood the country with new legal and illegal workers to drive down wages. The American people have no party to represent their voice.

A Labour MP is on the verge of defecting to UKIP, Douglas Carswell claimed today.
The former Tory MP who easily won the Clacton by-election after switching parties said it was 'looking very promising' that a Labour MP would be next to join him.
Labour leader Ed Miliband today sought to rescue his crisis-hit leadership with a fresh promise of an immigration crackdown, after UKIP also came within 617 votes of winning the safe Labour seat of Heywood and Middleton on Thursday night. 
Carswell's surprise defection in August sent shockwaves through Westminster, and within weeks was followed by fellow Mark Reckless, the MP for Rochester and Strood.
Attention had been focused on Tory MPs and their willingness to change parties, fearing a UKIP surge in their constituencies would cost them their seat in Parliament.
However, the Heywood result and growing unease about Mr Miliband's leadership mean UKIP leader Nigel Farage now has his sights set on wooing Labour MPs to cross the floor.
Carswells revealed that within hours of his Clacton by-election triumph, he took a call from a Labour MP poised to jump.
Speaking on Friday, he said: 'A member of the parliamentary Labour party called me this morning and we had a chat about them coming over.
'It's looking very promising,' he told The Sunday Times. 'For years and years and years, like monopolistic businesses, they assumed the customers had nowhere else to go.
'Then UKIP came along. For years and years they assumed that their own party had nowhere else to go. Well, guess what, guys, they do.'
Today he told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show he hoped there would be more Tory MPs joining UKIP.
But he stressed: 'UKIP is not the Conservative party in exile. I try to work with MPs from all parties. I am primarily interested in making sure voters make the journey I have made.' 

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UKIP Local Election Broadcast  

UKIP is spotifying politics

Nigel Farage, Ukip Leader
A 24 Seat UKIP Gain?
  • Ukip will win Rochester and Strood byelection, says Douglas Carswell.
  • Ukip’s first MP adds his party could take as many as 24 seats at general election.

Douglas Carswell, the newly elected Ukip MP, has said that he expects his new party to win the Rochester and Strood byelection, adding it was possible that Ukip could win as many as 24 seats at the general election in light of polls showing it could take 25% of the vote next May.

He said he would not indulge in bravado talk but added that things “could be very different” if Ukip won Rochester and that centre-left voters were starting to come his party’s way.

Carswell was speaking on Sunday amid a round of interviews follow last week’s byelections. Boris Johnson, the London mayor, responded to the Ukip surge by saying it was axiomatic that the Conservatives would campaign to leave the EU if the UK cannot negotiate concessions with Brussels on the free movement of peoples across Europe.

Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, also rejected suggestions there were any “wobbles” over Ed Miliband’s leadership, as party officials insisted the key lesson from Thursday’s byelections was that David Cameron no longer has a strategy to win a majority at the next election.

Labour said it would not be shifting ground to curtail the free movement of workers within the EU.

Carswell said: “The way the Tory party is retailing politics is a bit like the way HMV retailed music: it’s a defunct retail model. The Conservative party should be more like Spotify but the Conservative party can’t change and won’t change because there are too many vested interests that are against recall of MPs, open primaries, direct democracy and change. Why? Because if we had direct democracy many of the members of the Conservative party and the leadership would be replaced.”

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People are Pissed-Off
The average person is sick and tired of a government run by and for the Elites and the endless importation of new workers to lower the wages of British citizens.  Thus the UKIP was born.
Meanwhile back in the U.S. we are stuck with a pro-endless immigration two-party oligarchy that has no fear of the Sheeple voters who worship any fool with a "D" or "R" after their name.  American elections are "phony" show contests to see which faction of the pro-immigration Billionaire Cartels will win.
Maybe we should try free elections in the United States.

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