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Monday, October 6, 2014

Influx of Muslims blamed for Sweden recognizing Palestinian state

Anti-Israel protest in downtown Stockholm.

And the West Keeps Importing Muslims

(The Times of Israel)  -  Stockholm’s announcement over the weekend that it would recognize the independent state of Palestine was influenced by the vocal and growing Muslim minority in Sweden, a former Israeli ambassador to Sweden charged Sunday morning.

New Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said during his inaugural address Friday that Sweden would recognize Palestine, a move that would make it the first member of the European Union to recognize a Palestinian state.

Loftven’s party, the Social Democrats, are “anti-Israeli,” former ambassador Zvi Mazel told Israel Radio, but another reason for the statement “is the large Arab minority, which has grown unbelievably this year.”
Mazel charged that Sweden has taken in some 80,000 Arab refugees in 2014, mostly from Iraq and Syria, and claimed there were 700,000 Muslims living in the country.
“All this against a social-democratic background, which is pro-Arabic, pro-Islam and anti-Israeli,” Mazel said.
Mazel was in the headlines several times for controversial actions and statements during his tenure in Sweden. In 2004, he destroyed an exhibit he charged was glorifying suicide bombers. He also said that “Sweden is among the most severely anti-Semitic places,” and that its press bears much of the blame.
In July, the Swedish Migration Board said it estimated 62,000 Syrians would apply for asylum in the country in 2014, among 80,000 expected refugees seeking asylum in Sweden this year.
“We have seen how the number of applicants has increased week by week and since midsummer we have had over 2,000 applicants each week, levels we have not seen since the horrors of the Yugoslav Wars”, Migration Board head Anders Danielsson said at the time.
A US State Department report in 2009 estimated some 500,000 of Sweden’s population was Muslim, making up 5 percent of its population of about 9 million. That numbers has likely jumped in past years with the influx of Syrian refugees.

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Nothing says "I hate your guts" like 
Muslims burning a Swedish flag.

or a British flag

or a Danish flag

or an American flag

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