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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anti-Italian Democrat Racism in Seattle and Minneapolis

The arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

Democrat Racism
  • Racist Democrats have thrown Italian immigrants under the bus in favor of Hispanic immigrants.  Democrats have declared that Columbus Day is now "Indigenous People’s Day" in Seattle and Minneapolis.
Next Monday, federal employees and some lucky others will celebrate Columbus Day with a three-day weekend. But in Seattle and Minneapolis, Monday's holiday will be honoring the people on the other side of the New World discovery story.
As the Associated Press reports, the reinvented holiday—dubbed Indigenous People's Day—"celebrates the contributions and culture of Native Americans and the indigenous community" as well as "the rich history of people who have inhabited the area."
Seattle unanimously voted in favor of the change yesterday, but Minneapolis led the charge back in April.
According to Time, those in favor of the switch in Minneapolis felt that it would paint a "'more accurate historical record' of Columbus's 1492 discovery." According to one activist quoted in Al Jazeera, it's a welcome departure from the long-standing celebrations of a "pirate."
Some Italian groups, on the other hand, say they are highly offended. "For decades, Italian-Americans celebrated not the man, but the symbol of Columbus Day," one Seattle native told the city council, as quoted in Reuters. "That symbol means we honor the legacy of our ancestors who immigrated to Seattle, overcame poverty, a language barrier, and above all, discrimination."

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tt said...

Italians are white and white people are bad.

Gary said...

I can smell your BS through the phone lines.

Cavetroll said...

tt you smell funny, like fried chicken and cheap beer. I guess your black. Seattle, I used to say I was from Tacoma and I really liked Seattle. Now that I see how anti Italian you are , and that the State of Washington is apparently OK with this insult, I will from now on I claim Ft' Lewis as my birthplace , so as to disassociate myself from the Italian hating people of Washington. I also will personally Boycott all products coming from Washington and encourage the same from fellow members of the Italian American clubs in the State of Florida in an open letter to the organization. Your so called "native born Americans" ( that's a misnomer) should have picked their own day to have a Holiday. So Long SeaHawks, Can't say I'll miss you much. Tell the Mayor to take the space needle and shove it deeply up his hay stack.

Cavetroll said...

Minni-apples, I would suggest boycott for your state to but then nothing comes out of Minneapolis but escaping residents that make it out. I just wish you went somewhere else other than Florida once you escape. Why not stick a feather in your hat band and go visit Seattle. I hear they have a Mayor walking around with a huge Needle up his kazoo but if you go there better bring some food. Since the Italians left there's nothing good to eat anymore unless your into Taco Bell.