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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Charles Djou locked in a dead-even tie in Hawaii

An ex-GOP Congressman, Major Charles Djou served with
the 10th Mountain 
Division in Afghanistan.

Will the GOP wave hit Hawaii?

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now)  - Our latest Hawaii News Now/Star Advertiser poll in the campaign to represent urban Oahu in Congress suggests the vote could go either way.

In the race between Charles Djou and Mark Takai,volunteers and the candidates will crank up efforts to get out the vote with their campaigns in a dead heat. It's tied at 47 percent according to our new Hawaii poll.

Mark Takai said this about the results, "As in the primary we were behind until the very end and in fact 5 days before we were tied, so this is nothing new for us."

2nd Congressional District of Hawaii
takes in most of the islands of the state.

Charles Djou responded, "The fact that we're in a position to win this campaign just shows the level of excitement the people of Hawaii have here in our race and here in our campaign."

Djou has made the case that the State should send one member of its congressional delegation into the majority with seniority.

Hawaii News Now political analyst Colin Moore said, "It seems to have resonated because Djou is polling very well. They like Djou personally. He has very high favorability."

60 percent polled had a favorable opinion of Djou. That's a virtual tie with Takai's 63 percent. Djou had double the number of unfavorable views, but more voters have never heard of the Democrats' nominee.

Takai said he would keep working hard to get his message out, explaining, "We want to make sure that people understand this is an important race. We stand for Democratic values and we believe we best represent the values of Hawaii."

Djou said, "Ultimately it doesn't matter to me if you're a Republican, Democrat, or Conservative or Liberal. My ideology and philosophy is to get things done and I think the overwhelming majority of people in Hawaii, that's their philosophy."

Thanks to The Libertarian Republican.

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