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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why I turned off Sean Hannity

Sorry Sean, I Turned the Dial
  • Corporate America is taking advantage of the Malaysia Air disaster for ratings and profit.  They keep their Sheeple audience glued to the Media Machine by stirring up fear and hate.

By Gary;

Enough was enough.  This was not the first time that I turned off Sean Hannity's radio show.

The corpses were still falling from the sky and Sean Hannity was furiously beating the twin drums of ratings and war with Russia over the shot down Malaysia airliner.

Nearly zero information was available on this tragedy, but that did not slow down Sean for even two seconds. 

In true Hannity form he ripped into Putin and Comrade Obama, simultaneously expounding on how it is all their fault.  That we MUST stand up to Russia with our military and/or in a new Cold War.  (Both of which are really, really good for ratings by the way.)

Speaking of ratings, those are down for all of talk radio and cable TV.  Don't think for a second that the Media Machines on the Left and the Right do not want to pound you on these fleeting issues of the moment in a 24 hour loop in order to get the ratings back up.

Sean (and the other taking heads) did not ask this all important question:  "Why was a civilian jet liner flying in a war zone where planes were being shot down?"

Common sense questions like that do not make good radio or TV for most hosts.

With no facts at all, Sean screamed that 23 Americans were dead and that Obama was ignoring them.

Sean and his ilk have no shame.  They are endlessly beating on their Sheeple listeners and viewers,  whipping up fear of death - war - the burning fires of Hell . . . tune in, film at 11, we need the Nielsen ratings points.

This is nothing new.  -  In the past the Media Machine beat the drums of war for Libya, Syria and Crimea.  Today it is a Malaysian plane and the "evil" Putin.  Tomorrow, who knows?

I was disgusted at Sean, turned him off and popped in a CD.  The same for watching Fox News.  Sorry, I want to think for myself.

Enough is enough.  The downed airliner was a tragic accident in a war zone.  No more.  No less.  I am turning off the Media Machine.

Yellow Journalism.
Nothing has changed since the media driven and created Spanish-American War.  Big media needs to make money.  Lots and lots of money.  Stories are run in an endless 24 hour loop to make you scared to death of hot dogs, terrorism, beer, cell phones or evil foreigners. 
Just recently the Elite Media has beat the drums of war, death and ratings in Libya, Syria and the Crimea.  We are all going to die . . . film at 11 . . . tune in, we need the ratings points.

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