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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Putin Assassination Attempt? - Was the Missile Meant for Putin's Plane?

An Assassination Attempt?
Putin was flying back to Moscow from Brazilian World Cup at around same time passenger plane crashed.

KISS  -  Keep it simple stupid.

The simplest explanation is usually the best one.  The missile launch against the Malaysia plane was simply a tragic accident.

But . . . there is always a but . . . maybe someone in Russia or the Ukraine was trying to knock Putin out of the sky.  Stranger things have happened.

An anonymous source in Russia's Federal Agency for Air Transportation was quoted saying that there was a crossover flight path between the doomed Malaysian aircraft and Russian plane 'number one' used by Putin.

A source at the agency was quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper as saying: 'Vladimir Putin's plane could have been a target for a Ukrainian missile.'
NTV cited a source from the same body as saying: 'I can say that the routes of plane Number One and the Malaysian Boeing crossed at the same point and on the same altitude.
'It was near Warsaw at altitude 10,100 metres, echelon 330. The plane Number One was at that point at 16.21 Moscow time, the Malaysian plane was there at 15.44 Moscow time.'
The source also said that the 'plane' contours are similar in principle, the real sizes are also similar, and 'as for their liveries then at the distance they are almost identical'.
Putin's equivalent of Air Force One is a specially modified Ilyushin, the Il-96 300. It is a four-engine  long distance aircraft, with a length of 55 metres, and a wingspan of 60 metres.
The Boeing 777-200 is 63 metres long, and its wingspan 61 metres. 
Asked last night on the route of Putin's plane, agency head Alexander Neradko said: 'We never comment on the routes and other details of the flights of the president of Russia.'

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