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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama: "Free lawyers for illegal aliens" - Will the GOP vote the money?

Full Employment for Lawyers Act
  • Insane loon Democrats want taxpayer funded lawyers for illegal alien lawbreakers.  The question of the day is, will the GOP House cave as usual and fund the program.

Comrade Barack Obama is asking Congress to provide free lawyers to the illegal immigrants surging across the U.S. border from Central America.

The request for $18 million of free legal services, which White House officials describe as an emergency, is included in White House request to Congress for $3.7 billion.

Most of those funds are needed to process, care for and feed the growing flow of immigrants, which is already at 100,000 since last October, says the administration.

If the GOP funds the request for lawyers, they will help many of the illegals win green cards, which will allow them permanent access to the nation’s generous social and welfare programs, including Obamacare.

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner declined to comment on the request for lawyers.

The request for lawyers matches the administration’s claim that border-crossers have a right to ask judges for asylum and residency.

The illegals are “entitled” to due process in the courts, spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday. “I know that’s a priority of the president,” he said.

Under normal practice, most border-crossers are sent home without any chance to get into a courtroom.

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