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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RETARD ALERT - Walk a dog and go to jail

John Gladwin, with Molly, cannot leave Southern California without
written permission of a probation officer.

Notes From The Police State
  • Countless millions of illegal aliens break our laws daily, but the full police power of the Federal government has come down on John Gladwin for walking a dog without a leash.

Chaparral-covered hillsides dotted with oaks surround both sides of a barbed-wire fence with signs reading: "U.S. boundary." John Gladwin, whose Australian cattle dog, Molly, runs freely through the idyllic Simi Hills on a Sunday afternoon, is careful not to cross this border into the federal territory called the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

If he's caught with so much as a foot in the park, which stretches 50 miles from the Hollywood Hills to Point Mugu, the 69-year-old retiree will go to jail. Even more unusual, Gladwin cannot leave a seven-county area, for any reason, without permission from his probation officer.

"Molly and I have never been cited for anything causing any kind of problem. This is all so ridiculous, spending all this money to do this," Gladwin says of his 12-month federal probation.

"The probation department doesn't even take it seriously," he snickers. "They deal with gangbangers, drug dealers, murderers. And here I am, for a dog leash."

The crime for which Gladwin has twice been convicted is a dog-leash citation, violation of Title 36, Volume 1, Section 2.15, Part 2 of the National Park Services' remarkably detailed regulations: "failing to crate, cage, restrain on a leash, which shall not exceed 6 feet in length, or otherwise physically confine a pet at all times."

Gladwin refused a plea bargain put forth by a federal prosecutor over a dog-leash violation and insisted on a trial. While awaiting that trial, Gladwin in October got yet another citation. Now park rangers are intent on ensuring that Gladwin learns his lesson, even if that means jail time. Today, even if he enters the park without a dog, he can be arrested.

Read more at L.A. Weekly.

Everyday there is yet more proof that
we are ruled over by idiots.


Anonymous said...

And they wonder why people go postal???? I've got a court date coming up (US District Court) for a similar "infraction". I plan on tieing up as much of the courts time as possible and costing them as much as possible. Oh, I lose in the end... If I ever lose too much tho... yeah... postal, 6 o clock news, film @11

Gary said...

YES!!!! Gum up the process if you have the time.