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Monday, July 21, 2014

Muslims take to the streets of Europe to attack Israel

Muslims in Paris flying the Black Flag of Islamist oppression.
(Screen shot)

Open Borders Immigration in Action
  • Muslims protest all over Europe waving the flags of Pakistan, Turkey, Syria etc.  Every day the Islamification of Europe takes another step forward. 

Almost 11,000 demonstrators have attended a pro-Palestinian protest in the Austrian capital Sunday between the Hofburg Palace and the Rathaus town hall, in anger at Israel’s military campaign which has killed more than 400 people already.

'Free, free, free Palestine' and 'Let Gaza Live', the protesters changed while wielding a variety of posters and flags.

"We are not against the Jewish people. the Jewish people should feel free and live free like everybody. We are against the Zionists, actually, who are supported from this big, big mafia and lobby around the world," Abderrahmen Laarouchi told Ruplty.

The protesters made their way to the historic Hofburg Palace, which is now the official residence of the country’s president. The demonstrators were playing drums and some were carrying bloody sheets wrapped like a dead body or dolls, signs saying "Made in Israel".

"We should stand here - Austrian, English, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, all together - to stand for and stand up against the Zionist system all over the world. Free Palestine," Laarouchi said.

The Vienna protest comes on day after as nearly 15,000 people hit the streets of London and marched from the Israeli Embassy to Downing Street. Same protests took place in Paris Saturday, but resulted in several injuries and at least 38 arrests. Dozens of protesters used stones and bottles to attack police lines for several hours in northern districts of the capital.

Via RT News

'Free Palestine!' Marches

Stones and Teargas
Police clash with pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris

Muslims in Austria
Ten thousand stand with Gaza in Vienna

Screen shot of an Arab child armed with a
plastic weapon at an anti-Israel protest.

Thousands of Muslims march through Vienna calling
for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza.

The Muslims Finally Conquer Vienna
In the olden days manly Christian Austrian soldiers stood tall on the walls of Vienna to defend Western Civilization against the tyranny of Turkish Islamic invasion. 
Today the Muslim Turkish flag proudly waves over a Vienna and Europe that no longer has any pride in their religion, culture and history.  Through open door immigration Islam is taking over Europe
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