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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obama picks non-pilot to head Air Force

"Can someone teach me how to fly?"
  • With the elections 90 days away, Comrade Obama tries to nail down the Hispanic vote with wide open borders.
  • Now as his answer to the "War on Women" Obama promotes a woman to head the Air Force who cannot fly a plane. 

Helping You Sleep at Night

Communist China is in a massive military build up.  To face the Chinese war machine in the Pacific, Obama promotes an air force general who cannot fly a plane.  I know I am going to sleep better tonight.

The White House has picked the first female general to head the Air Force in the Pacific, which will make her the first non-pilot to command air power in such a large theater of operation.

The Pentagon announced this week that Air Force Lt. Gen. Lori J. Robinson has been nominated for promotion to four-star general and as commander of Pacific Air Forces, the Air Force component of U.S. Pacific Command. It is a major combatant command whose air, ground and naval forces have broad responsibility for security in the Asia-Pacific region. Her nomination was sent to the Senate for confirmation.
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Officials said pilots historically have commanded Air Force war-fighting components for the Pacific and for U.S. Air Forces Europe; Air Forces Central, which covers the Middle East and Afghanistan; and the 1st Air Force, which is part of Northern Command and protects U.S. skies reports the Washington Times.

Gen. Robinson is not a career pilot. Her military profession is air battle manager. She has served aboard the Air Force’s surveillance aircraft, the E-3 AWACs and E-8 JSTARS, and she was nominated for a promotion amid a drive for more diversity in the Pentagon.

A retired pilot said there is a reason the Air Force historically has put a pilot in charge of large combatant command Air Forces.

“It is because you make operational decisions that require the understanding of what you are going to ask pilots to execute in combat where the wrong decisions mean the difference between life and death,” the retired pilot said. “Now her vice commander and director of operations will be rated fighter pilots, but still she makes the decisions.”
Gen. Robinson was nominated amid a diversity push by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and a general focus on women’s issues by the White House.  Hagel has vowed to stamp out sexual assaults in the military and said he is open to studying whether transgender people are permitted to serve.



Anonymous said...

And this surprises you? We have a President who has never run so much as a lemonade stand, his cabinet members who have no idea how the economy or country or world works, A Congress of "old money" brats who have never worked an honest day in their life.....
To top it off.... we have teachers teaching subjects they have been taught, by teachers who have been taught, by teachers (etc etc) who have NEVER actually done the subject they are teaching (now thats the REAL problem in this country)

Gary said...

Nothing shocks me any more.