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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dennis Kucinich Says he Favors Proportional Representation

American "Elections" are a Sham
  • U.S. "elections" exist mostly in name only.  In reality our Congressmen are the bought and paid for lackeys of Billionaire Cartels of Corporations and unions.
  • Dem & GOP politicians have rigged the system and have a near 100% re-election rate.  They have an almost zero fear of the American voter.
  • Election Reform  -  In my perfect world I would leave the Senate alone with two members to represent each state.  But our House of Representatives no longer represents the will of the people.  It must be reformed using a pure proportional representation system or a blend of PR with single member districts like they use in Germany.

Former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich was recently on the Amy Goodman radio show.

Goodman asked him, “Proportional representation is really the name of the game in Sweden, right? Anyone who gets – I think it’s 4% of the vote, can be represented in Parliament. Can you comment on this? It’s a growing movement in the United States.

Kucinich replied:

"Well, it should happen. So, it’s really a step towards democratization, so that points of view that are held in the general populace are not squelched because they don’t reach some numerical sigificance that we call a majority.

You know, majority politics are all very interesting, but what’s happening in the United States, with increasingly blurring the differences between the two parties, there’s a hunger for alternatives, and there’s a hunger for those alternatives to find a means of inclusion into the process. So, certainly, that’s one way to do it. And we need to broaden our discussion in America.

When you come here (to Sweden) and you see so many different political persuasions represented, and our politics back home are monochromatic – I mean, increasingly. It’s grey, and you can’t really tell the difference. Here, you can. But at the same time, there’s a common commitment to the nation. We need to awaken those sentiments in America. And one way to do it is proportional representation.”

Via Ballot Access News.

Warning to American Readers
  • American readers do not be frightened.  This is an example of a truly free election, something that has not existed in the U.S. in multiple, multiple generations.

Chamber of Deputies (Brazil)
From Israel to Poland to Japan to India to Italy we see free elections with multi-party legislatures . . . except in the United States where the same two Washington D.C. funded parties "magically" win 100% of all House of Representatives elections.
The American Founding Fathers wanted our House of Representatives to be a from the bottom up Republic that gave the people a voice in government.  But our elections have devolved into a top-down, centralized, Washington D.C. funded Oligarchy where the voice of the people is almost never heard.
Americans must demand election reform if there is to be any chance at saving our Republic.

A Multi-Party Congress in Brazil
Somehow Brazil (the #7 GDP nation on earth) manages to hold free elections where every possible faction of society and political thought is represented in Congress.
The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies is composed of 513 federal deputies, who are elected by a proportional representation of votes to serve a four-year term. Seats are allotted proportionally according to each state's population, with each state eligible for a minimum of eight seats (least populous) and a maximum of 70 seats (most populous).
In 2010, 22 out of the country's 27 political parties were able to elect at least one representative in the Chamber, while fifteen of them were able to elect at least one Senator.
National Congress of Brazil
Brazilian Congressional Election, 2010

National Congress of Brazil

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