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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New York just "found" 5,254 extra Democrat ballots from 2012

"Corruptus in Extremis"
Funny how 86% of the "extra" votes found after
election day go to Leftist political parties.

The People's Republic of New York  -  The New York State Board of Elections has revised its official November 2012 election returns. This is because, in June, the New York City Board of Elections found an additional 6,435 ballots that had never been included in the original tally.

This is the second time the State Board has revised its totals for this election upwards; a similar adjustment was made in April.

Totals for all offices were adjusted. For President, the following parties gained the following amounts of votes from the recent update:

  • Democratic 5,254
  • Republican 795
  • Working Families 243
  • Conservative 67
  • Green 46
  • Libertarian 27
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation 2
  • Constitution 1

These new votes are from Brooklyn.

From Ballot Access News.

Thanks to Long Island Firearms.com

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