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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SHOCK - 750,000+ Views for The Federalist

"The Federalist" Has Broken a Record:
750,000 + Pageviews

By Gary;

Wow.  Thank you everyone.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think even 5,000 people would bother to log on to The Federalist Blog.  Now we have just shot past the 750,000 pageview mark and we closing in rapidly on 1,000,000.

When I started this site back in May, 2011, I figured very few people in the "modern" statist and increasingly socialist U.S. would be interested in hearing about true small government Constitutional Federalism and Liberty.

In addition the Internet was totally saturated with web-sites on news and politics. But from my point of view, most of those web-sites love to knee-jerk and pander to the non-thinking party loyalty of members of both political parties.  Independent, rational thinking was and is rare.

But from the start I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the Internet community.
We started off in May, 2011 with a "massive" 834 pageviews for the month.  (I was shocked it was even that high.)  But the growth in viewership was rapid from the start reaching 5,532 the next month in June and shot up to 11,823 for the month of October.
Monthly readership has kept growing and growing peaking at 71,021 for the election month of November, 2012.
All of us Bloggers dream late at night about being Matt Drudge. Deep down we know that will never happen. But it has been gratifying that readers keep coming back.
Still, Bloggers must be doing something right. Governments all over the world are scared shitless that we even exist. Scared to the point that Bloggers are arrested and their sites blocked.
In my own way I try to share stories with you that are often ignored by the Elite Media. Stories from a Constitutional Federalist point of view. A point of view that has nearly vanished in a modern Socialistic Big Brother world.
So here we are over 2,000 posted news stories later.  Thank you all for coming by this Blog.  Keep the flame of Liberty burning.  See you down the Internet road.

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