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Monday, August 19, 2013

Albanian Muslim groups seize church, beat clergy

Two New Bishops in the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania.

Muslim thugs beat Christian priests and looted a church
From Indonesia to Pakistan to Egypt to Kosovo Islam proves
over and over again to be the religion of hate.

More of the poison fruit of Clinton's Bosnian war backing the Muslims against the Christians in southeast Europe.
Yesterday in "moderate" "modern" Albania, the church of the Dormition in Permet was seized, clergy brutally beaten worshippers, violently prevented from entering and the church looted with the assistance of the local government.
Younger, but still an asshole.
As President, Clinton conducted an
unconstitutional war against Serbian
Christians trying to protect their religion,
people and homeland from Muslims.

Local officials removed church items from the church of the Dormition in Permet in southern Albania in an effort to seize control of the church building:
Here's the google translation:
Orthodox Autocephalous Church of AlbaniaHoly Metropolis ARGIROKASTRO (thanks to Maxim)

The Priests of the Holy Metropolis of Gjirokastra

Today in Përmet Orthodox community was witnessed brutal violation of any notion of democracy, human rights, in particular that the free exercise of religion as sanctioned in the Constitution as well as basic conditions to be guaranteed under the state the right to equal.

Since morning today, Friday, 16 August 2013, and while the whole Orthodox community continues to experience the Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Easter Summer, paramilitary groups (with the help of municipal officials and the tacit support of the municipal authority ), on the pretext of treating a case, multiform violence exercised to the detriment of clergy and believers Bazaar.

All of our church is next to the parish faithful in temple entry of the Virgin Mary in Përmet protests for today:

- Was beaten so barbarous clergy of that city
- Were violently prevented believers from entering their church and their duties of trust
.- Looted items that church on the pretext of execution of court decisions which are already prescribed
.- Sacrilegious because it was heavy hand on the holy church items (icons, worship container etc.)
.- Strength to speculate with various legal proceedings aimed at effectively removing violent believers from their places of worship. With special state law ratified Agreement between the Council of Ministers and AAOC exactly a priority of ensuring the enjoyment of freedom of sacred places of worship and ceremonies.

Raise the voice of protest and express both our insistence that we have to abandon the quest by any means and method to our right to own property and free use of the parish church of Entry into the Temple of the Virgin Mary is fully realized.

We demand that the dark forces beyond the control of emerging rule of law and the spirit of tolerance and cohesion of society who commits violent acts today to get the deserved punishment by law.Gjirokastra, on 16 August 2013.

Clergy of the Holy Metropolis of Gjirokastra

Thanks to (Atlas Shrugs)

Muslims bomb Serbian Christian Churches
VP Joe Biden lectures Serbians that they need to "understand" radical Islam and learn to "blend in" to Muslim culture.  What a prick!

Muslim Albanians in Kosovo Destroy Serbian Orthodox Church

Bloody Thursday in Muslim Kosovo-Albanian mob and police savagely attacked Serbian children and youth

On one of the holiest Serbian national and religious, orthodox Christian holidays, which marks anniversary of 28 June 1389 “Battle of Kosovo”, scores of young Serbian children and youth, attending this event, were injured in attacks by Albanian mob and police, using firearms, Molotov cocktails, stones and other weapons.

All Serbs had to pass very rigorous controls at Albanian police check points. The Albanian Police was supervised by the occupying NATO (KFOR) force and Eulex police. It was made sure that the Serbs were unarmed!
After violence broke out, one Serbian child and another young man are in critical condition. Seven others are in serious condition and hospitalized in medical Clinics in Gracanica, Prokuplje and Nis. At least 36 others are injured, mostly by gunfire. Some of the not seriously injured have been released from hospital.

The most disturbing incident took place in Kosovo´s capital Prishtina. Two buses with young Serbian students, age 8 to 16 were attacked by an Albanian mob. Four Molotov cocktails and concrete blocks where thrown at the buses, breaking the windows in an attempt to set the terrified Serbian children and youths on fire. This incident took place near hotel “Viktori” in Prishtina.
The director of the medical clinic in Gracanica, Mrs. Rada Trajkovic, issued statement that: during this incident 16 pupils were injured, one is in critical condition; two boys have head injuries from concrete blocks that were thrown through the bus windows…

The head of the Serbian Christian Church in Kosovo, Bishop Teodosije, condemned this, and number of other savage Albanian (Muslims) attacks on the Serbian Christian minority, that took place in Kosovo today, under the idle watch of the so-called “stabilizing” KFOR force, and the European “mission of law”- Eulex police.

See more at (serbianfbreporter.wordpress.com)

Incidenti na Kosovu

According to PTC news agency, on June 28, 2013, a group of Albanian Muslim extremists committed an organized attack on a column of school buses taking Serbian children home from the celebrations on the occasion of the national holiday ‘Vidovdan’, the Day of the Kosovo Battle against the Ottoman Empire.


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