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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pelosi: 'California to be Sanctuary State for Illegals'

The final death blow for California
Americans of African and European heritage have had a good run.  Now the Elites have decided to turn the nation over to Mexico.

In an orgy of pro-Hispanic racism some twenty-eight of California’s congressional representatives are throwing their weight behind state legislation that would make it harder to deport illegal immigrants.

The representatives — all Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco — sent a letter to Comrade Governor Jerry Brown urging him to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

The bill, known as the Trust Act, “establishes a bright line standard between local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement” and would “continue California’s proud tradition of being a leader on smart and sensible policies,” the letter says reports the Los Angeles Times.

The representatives said unnecessary deportations have “reduced the willingness of immigrant and non-immigrant crime victims and witnesses to cooperate with local law enforcement, and consequently has diminished public safety.”

Among the letter’s signatories are Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda both of San Jose, and recently departed members of the state Legislature now in Washington such as Reps. Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach and Jared Huffman of San Rafael.

The bill (AB 4), authored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (Democrat Socialist - San Francisco), would limit local law enforcement's role in working with federal authorities to begin deportation proceedings.

The Olden Days
Governor Reagan meets with President Nixon.
In the olden days, when America was a free Republic, the Great State of California elected Conservative Republican Governors, Senators and Presidents. 
Today, with the eager help of both American parties, millions of illegals have been imported to satisfy the needs of Leftist Democrats for poor voters and GOP businessmen for cheap labor to under cut American workers.   
A Republican state no more, California is being re-named Alta California and is rapidly becoming the northern most state of Mexico.

Flag of the new state of Alta California.

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Anonymous said...

Sad to say... we might just as well let them have it.... Lets give them So. CA and So. NV (Las Vegas is just east LA anyway) in trade for Northern CA (say above Sacramento) and Northern NV.