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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obama uses foreigners to undermine US freedom

"We are all puppets, Laurie. I'm just the
puppet who can see the strings."
Dr. Jon Osterman,

An epiphany

I had been unhappy with events for some time without understanding why.  Then in 2003 I had my epiphany.  Somethings just snapped and suddenly I could see the bipartisan strings of our Puppetmasters controlling the news, politics, events and wars to fatten their wallets and grow the power of the unconstitutional Big Brother Police State.

What I saw scared the shit out of me.  George Orwell was not only right, but the country was at least three chapters into 1984 and moving fast.

But the most frightening realization is that the U.S. did not have an opposition party or a free press to fight Big Brother.  Both parties, backed by their allied government-media complex, keep the real news from you.

Goodbye Bill of Rights

That pesky Bill of Rights keeps getting in Obama's way.  So our Dear Leader has ordered his lackeys in Britain to do his thug Police State work for him.

Obama is using the police forces of other nations to detain and interrogate travelers at airports for the US government so he can avoid Bill of Rights issues. 

The Brits have also been instructed to attack a brave newspaper that dared to tell the people of the world the truth about NSA spying.

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the UK Guardian, said a senior British government official demanded the destruction of files held by the Guardian newspaper related to the US National Security Agency’s mass monitoring of phone and Internet use.
Rusbridger wrote that two months ago he was contacted by an official claiming to represent the views of the prime ­minister.

“There followed two meetings in which he demanded the return or destruction of all the material we were working on,” he said. “The tone was steely, if cordial, but there was an implicit threat that others within government and Whitehall favoured a far more draconian approach,” reports the Financial Times.

Downing Street did not comment.

The partner of Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who interviewed Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the National Security Agency who exposed the programme, was detained at Heathrow for nine hours under the Terrorism Act.

In his first interview since returning to his home in Rio de Janeiro early on Monday, Miranda said the authorities in the UK had pandered to the US in trying to intimidate him and force him to reveal the passwords to his computer and mobile phone.

"They were threatening me all the time and saying I would be put in jail if I didn't co-operate," said Miranda. "They treated me like I was a criminal or someone about to attack the UK … It was exhausting and frustrating, but I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong," reports the UK Guardian.

He was offered a cup of water, but he refused because he did not trust the authorities. The questions, he said, were relentless – about Greenwald, Snowden, Poitras and a host of other apparently random subjects.

"They even asked me about the protests in Brazil, why people were unhappy and who I knew in the government," said Miranda.

He got his first drink – from a Coke machine in the corridor – after eight hours and was eventually released almost an hour later. Police records show he had been held from 08.05 to 17.00.

The detention has been condemned by the Brazilian government while the Labour party has called for an inquiry into why terrorism powers were used.

Everyone in favor of a Police State raise your hand.

In a comment piece for his newspaper, Rusbridger said the official had said if the material was not handed over or destroyed, the government would try to stop the Guardian’s reporting through a legal route. He said two GCHQ government security experts had tried to destroy hard drives at the newspaper.

The Guardian editor vowed to continue to do “patient, painstaking reporting” on the Snowden documents but said the reporting would not be done from London.

Greenwald warned the government yesterday that he would expose its spying secrets, saying Britain would be “sorry” for the detention. In Brazil, where he met David Miranda, his partner, off a flight from London, he said the incident would make his reporting more aggressive.

Miranda said he was quizzed about his “entire life” while detained at Heathrow on Sunday and had his mobile, laptop and other equipment confiscated.

Miranda was returning from visiting Laura Poitras, another journalist working on the story, in Berlin. The Guardian said it had paid for his flights but he was not an employee. It said it was “urgently seeking clarification from the authorities”.

On Sunday, Brazil said it had “grave concerns” about the detention of one of its citizens under the Terrorism Act.

Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary, said any suggestion that terror powers were being misused must be investigated.

Keith Vaz, a Labour MP and chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, wrote to Scotland Yard asking for a “clarification” of its use of the act and also whether the act had been used “at the behest of another government”.

Dr. Michael Savage on Edward Snowden Attacked as Traitor

Surviving The Surveillance State 

Obama uses the British to crush Freedom of the Press
Backed by both "Conservative" Republicans and "Liberal" Democrats, Comrade Obama works to get around the 1st Amendment in the U.S. by having his henchmen in Britain attack press freedom for him.
Notice how the so-called "news" you read and watch is filtered and controlled by corporate allies of the two American political parties.  The Media keep the Sheeple entertained with moronic stories about the latest celebrity breast implants or rehab visits.  Meanwhile the stories about Big Brother are not run at all or twisted in such a way that if you care about your freedom then you are some kind of lunatic.
Notice how so many stories on the growing Police State have come from the British press and spread by Bloggers around the world.  Now Obama is going after the British press.  Next he will attack the Internet media.


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