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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Michael Savage blasts religious leaders on Egypt

Near Silence While Churches Burn.
Why do Western religious and political leaders
hate their own culture and support Islamists?

Conservative talk show host Dr. Michael Savage castigated American religious leaders for remaining silent while Coptic Christians in Egypt were being persecuted. He reserved his harshest condemnation for the “pet” rabbis who inevitably get invited to schmooze at the White House.

“What happened to ‘never again’?” Savage wondered, adding, “That’s why the synagogues and churches are largely empty. People go there for spiritual renewal and they come home with a sour stomach."

“People would go every week if there was a fiery leader who would talk about the truth and spirituality and what was going on in the world,” he contended.

Savage also condemned Obama’s decision to halt military aid to Egypt’s generals. By doing so, Savage said, the president is tacitly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood – as are the likes of George Soros and the Clintons (FREE audio).

“Soros and the Clintons gain by the rise of the Islamists,” he explained. “By defeating the king of Saudi Arabia, they think they can gain control of all the oil wealth.

“And by supporting the Islamists in Egypt over the generals, Soros and the Clintons think they can control the most populous Muslim nation on earth,” Savage said.

Read more at (www.wnd.com/2013)

The Savage Nation - August 19 2013
Coptic Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood mob.

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