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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Democrat Condom Police are Here

Jenna Jameson earns a million dollar paycheck in the porn industry.

"The idea of allowing a government employee to come and examine our genitalia while we're on set is atrocious."
Porn Actor

The Growing Police State  -  The American Police State is in no way flaccid.  Rather it is growing more erect and powerful everyday and thrusting its mightiness deep into the most private moments of an American  -  the sex act.

A moron Federal judge on Friday denied the porn industry’s assertion that requiring adult film performers to wear condoms is unconstitutional.  The judge upheld the right of Big Brother government to fine or jail you if your sex act does not meet government standards.

The ruling is the latest setback for producers of adult films who filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the Los Angeles County Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, or Measure B.
The measure was approved by an overwhelming majority of county voters last November. It was sponsored by five individuals affiliated with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit group reports the Los Angeles Times.

Vivid Entertainment and Califa Productions and porn performers Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce sued the county in January to prevent the implementation of the new law. After county officials declined to defend the measure, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation was granted “intervener” status to defend the law against the porn industry’s lawsuit.

The industry later tried to have the group removed, but the motion was denied.

In Friday’s ruling, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson wrote that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation presented evidence of the health risks the measure is targeting. He said the new law seeks to alleviate those harmed in a direct and material way.

“Plaintiffs [adult film industry,] by contrast, have presented evidence from individuals in the adult film industry, but not in the public health or medical profession, who claim testing is so effective and universal that condoms are unnecessary,” Pregerson wrote.

Los Angeles Democrats drive out 10,000 jobs.
The porn businesses are already making plans to leave and take their jobs with them.

Larry Flint of Hustler said, "We won't be doing anything in Los Angeles." He is already making plans to shift production to Mexico, Arizona or Hawaii.
The law, listed on the ballot as Measure B, was passed by 56 percent of the vote. It could take several months before county health officials decide how to enforce it and whether they must begin dispatching prophylactic police officers to keep a close eye on actors.
They also maintained it would be costly and difficult to enforce and could drive the business out of Los Angeles' sprawling San Fernando Valley. The local porn industry generates about $4 Billion in sales and supports as many as 10,000 jobs, including actors, directors, film editors and crafts and makeup people.

Some 500 porn shoot permits were issued in 2012 reports the Los Angeles Times.

Jessica Drake - Forcing condoms is unconstitutional
The Wicked Pictures porn star and director says she believes an L.A. County law requiring condom use in porn filming is unconstitutional.


Democrat Party Condom Police
Democrat run Los Angeles will send condom inspectors to the sets of porn movie shoots to make sure the condoms are properly installed and snug with no leakage. Moron Democrats want to get a firm grip on both our wallets and our deployed condoms.

Big Brother Sex Police
Fascist Democrats (helped by many Republicans) are thrusting unconstitutional Police State powers deep, deep into our most personal of freedoms  -  the right to have sex.
If Big Brother can invade privately owned businesses and force free men and women to use condoms under the watchful eye of agents of the All-Powerful-State then our Liberty is doomed.  Once this Fascist intrusion into our freedom becomes the norm the State will expand their surveillance of private sex acts in the name of "health" and "the public good".

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