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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Talk Radio Ratings

Rush Limbaugh  -  Once again the proven "King of all Media".

By Gary;

The internet is changing how people access information, news, politics and entertainment.

The mostly Conservative Talk radio format is now streaming across the world.  Through the internet you can listen to the ideas Rush Limbaugh in Rio de Janeiro or Dennis Miller in Tokyo.

For tens of thousands of years information could only move as fast as a man riding a horse.  Now political information is moving at the speed of light.  The Arab Spring is the best example, but the revolt against the dictatorship in Iran was also using the internet.  China is reacting in fear to Bloggers, putting them in prison and trying to control internet freedom.

Will this burst of free flowing information in the talk radio format create a revolution for freedom?  or will some smooth talking Castro or Mussolini use the net talk format to take us down another road?

No one can say where this instant flow of political information will take us.


Top 25 Streaming Talk Radio Shows

Third Quarter 2011

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1  Rush Limbaugh  16.8
2  Michael Savage  10.8
3  Glenn Beck  10.7
4  Laura Ingraham  9.6
5  Tammy Bruce  6.3
6  Sean Hannity  5.1
7  Mark Levin  4.8
8  George Noory  3.7
9  Bill Bennett  3.2
10  Dennis Miller 2.1

Dr. Michael Savage  -  #2 and trying harder

11  Michael Medved  2.0
12  Neal Boortz   2.0
13  Dennis Prager  1.8
14  John Batchelor  1.3
15  Jerry Doyle  1.2
16  John Gibson  0.9
17  Quinn and Rose  0.9
18  Monica Crowley  0.9
19  Alex Jones  0.8
20  IMUS  0.7
21  Chris Plante  0.7
22  Larry Kudlow  0.6
23  Midnight Trucking  0.6
24  RadioRMN  0.6
25  The Power Hour  0.6

Survey Period: ( 07/01/2011 – 09/30/2011 )
Sample Size: 189,861  Unique Sessions

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