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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Republicans ignore the Constitution again

Except for Ron Paul, why do Republicans oppose the Constitution?

The March of Socialism
As candidates for office the Republicans praise the Constitution, but once in power they ignore it.

By Gary;

Has Herman Cain read the Constitution of the United States?

Crowd-pleasing Herman Cain received far and away the most enthusiastic reception of the four presidential contenders who spoke at the Citadel in Charleston.  He touched on defense policy.

After vowing that "if you're messing with Israel, you're messing with the United States of America," he called for an upgrade of the Aegis surface-to-air weapons system, including aboard ships that could be stationed off Iran.

"Make that a priority, and then say to Ahmadinejad, 'Make my day!'" Cain said, bringing the audience to its feet, cheering.

Cain's Blood and Guts speech got Republican leaning voters on their feet.  But there is no basis for his words in the Constitution.

ISRAEL  -  The problem with Cain's words is there is no military defense treaty between Israel and the U.S. 

Article II  -  Section 2  -  The Executive Branch
"He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;"

We are not a Monarchy.  The Constitution clearly says treaties must be debated and approved by the Senate.

Treaties with other nations are important matters that require input from the public and a vote of the representatives of the people. 

Maybe the people of the United States would favor a mutual defense treaty with Israel.  Maybe they would oppose it.  But that does not matter since there is no treaty.

DECLARATION OF WAR  -  Cain screams to Iran "Make my day."  Again, America has no King.  The Constitution clearly says Congress has the power to declare war.

For those who have never seen a Declaration of war please read  "THE FEDERALIST - The Constitution - Neither party gives a crap."

This is not a Rambo-style action movie.  Real war is a matter of life and death.  The Federalist Founding Fathers wanted the representatives of the people to make that decision.

We are becoming a bi-partisan Dictatorship when Presidents invade, attack and-or overthrow the governments of other nations without a legal declaration from Congress.

Both parties love to violate the Constitution.  Bush 41 invaded and overthrew the government of Panama.  Clinton fought a war against Serbia.  Bush 43 invaded Afghanistan and Iraq with pussy, unconstitutional and near meaningless "resolutions".   Obama is waging war against Libya with no authority from Congress.

It is nice to know nothing has changed.  Cain and the new crop of candidates are happy to keep on ignoring the Constitution.

The Constitutional Convention  -  The Founding Fathers did not view their
work as being "optional" for those who hold power.

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