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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Herman Cain running for talk show host?

Why would anyone vote for Cain?  30 days ago 95% of GOP voters could have cared less that he existed.  Cain also wants to create a BRAND NEW national sales tax that has never before existed in American history.  A new tax.  Wonderful.

Cain Has Zero Experience:  Cain appears to be on a book tour, not a campaign tour.

By Gary;

The real question of the day:  Is Herman Cain running for the future post of TV talk show host?

It was only 30 days ago that Cain registered in the 5% range in GOP polls for President.  Another way to say it, 30 days ago some 95% of Republicans voters could have cared less that he existed.

It is staggering to think that GOP voters might turn over their nomination to a man with near zero experience in government of any kind.  Cain has never been elected to even a school board . . . the lowest of the lowest jobs. 

2004 was the only time he appeared on a ballot.  The the U.S. Senate Republican primary Cain lost in a landslide getting only 26% of the vote.  In that race he was attacked as being a "moderate" who favored affirmative action.

Simply, Americans do not elect Presidents with no experience in government. 

NOT A SERIOUS CANDIDATE  -  Today Cain is launching a bus tour of Nashville and Memphis.  Two states that will have no impact of any kind on the GOP primary.  It is as if he wants to lose.

Steve Duprey, a Republican National Committee member from New Hampshire, was doubtful, as were GOP activists in other early states.

"Tennessee? That's not where I'd head right now," Duprey said. "I'd get to New Hampshire and do five town hall meetings a day seven days in a row."

Craig Robinson, founder of the Iowa Republican website, said he had heard that Cain did not plan to visit Iowa until Nov. 19.

"If he came," Robinson said, "he would be a major draw. No one doesn't like Herman Cain." But the fact that Cain is staying away, he said, "makes me question what is he really running for?"

I feel Cain started his campaign in order to get his name out, sell books and try to get a TV talk show on Fox News like Mike Huckabee did.  He had no real plans to be President.  It was all a PR stunt to make money.

Being ahead in the polls is due only to Texas Governor Rick Perry imploding.

This nation does not need a talk show host in the White House.

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