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Friday, October 21, 2011

Communist Chavez to silence another TV station

The Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez is using government power over the
media to out of business yet another opposition TV station.

Communism in Action  -  Hugo Chavez charges a TV station with the Thought Crime of "fuelling public anxiety"
  • A warning to America to abolish the Federal Communications Commission if you value the Bill of Rights.

Venezuelan opposition TV channel Globovision has been fined $2.1 million for its coverage of a prison riot earlier this year.

Media regulator Conatel said it was being punished for justifying crime and fuelling public anxiety.

Globovision says the fine is "unpayable" and has accused the government of trying to shut it down, reports the BBC.

President Hugo Chavez has previously accused the channel of supporting a coup attempt against him.

Venezuelan opposition TV channel Globovision dared to cover a jail riot earlier this year left more than 20 people dead.  Now they are being fined $2.1 million and being put out of business by Communist Hugo Chavez for "fueling public anxiety."

Conatel said Globovision had broken broadcasting regulations in its coverage of disturbances in the El Rodeo prison outside Caracas in June, in which more than 20 people were killed.

Conatel director general Pedro Maldonado said the channel was being fined for its "editorial conduct," which had "promoted hatred and intolerance for political reasons".

"This fine represents the economic breaking of Globovision," the channel's vice-president, Maria Fernandez Flores said.

"For years the government has tried to break us morally," she added.

The fine is the latest development in a long conflict between the government and Globovision, which has been very critical of President Chavez.

Several other private radio and television stations have been forced off air for failing to comply with regulations requiring them to broadcast government information.

Venezuela's opposition has frequently accused Mr Chavez's government of trying to gag the media.

Comrade Obama and Comrade Chavez  -  Is there really any difference?

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