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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

35% unemployment in Socialist Spain

Crisis: Protesters gather in Madrid from their hometowns to condemn Spain's Socialist 
leaders for the economic troubles in the country

SHOCKING NEWS:  Socialism does not create jobs and personal wealth.  Capitalism does.

Two years of recession have left Spain with 21 per cent jobless- the highest in the 17-nation eurozone - and saddled with debts.

Unemployment for those aged 16 to 29 stands at about 35 per cent.

Thousands of angry demonstrators from across Spain finally arrived in Madrid at the weekend to protest over the country's debts and unemployment queues reports the UK Mail.

They had marched for a month from their hometowns before converging on the landmark Puerta del Sol Square to show their anger at the country's economic woes.

Five columns converged on the 'urban village' next to the town hall where some protestors had camped out for three weeks in May under blue plastic tarpaulins.

The marchers set off from Barcelona and Bilbao in the north, Malaga in the south, Valencia in the east and Cadiz in the south west on June 25.

Several dozen demonstrators stopped outside Prime Minister Jose Zapatero's official residence just north of Madrid to wave banners and chant slogans.

Another group halted traffic on a highway entering Madrid from the north.

During the marches to the capital, physiotherapists traveling in support vehicles helped the protesters keep their leg muscles in shape, while sympathetic paramedics treated blistered feet.

The protesters joined the 'urban village' of tents, mattresses, a kitchen, a workshop and even a pharmacy which had been set up for thousands of young people.

Marchers said the protest aims to emphasize young people's 'indignation' at high unemployment and a political leadership they see as uncaring, corrupt and inept.

Thousands of demonstrators gather at Puerta del Sol, Madrid's main square Saturday July 23, 2011.

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