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Friday, July 22, 2011

Iranians lined up and hanged in front of a mob

A shocking video has been released by Amnesty International showing a public execution in Iran

At least 28 public executions in Iran in recent months

Lined up standing on buses in front of a baying mob with their necks tied to a bridge, these are the final moments of three men subjected to a public hanging.

But rather than originating from decades ago, these pictures were taken last week in Iran, where the death penalty is still publicly used to this day reports the UK Mail.

After the ties are secured, the buses on which the men stand are driven away, leaving the hastily-convicted criminals hanging in front of crowds of onlookers, many of whom are children.

The footage was released by human rights group Amnesty International, who have denounced the renewed surge in the use of the death penalty across the Islamic republic.

The video was shot on July in Azadi Square, in the western city of Kermanshah and features the public execution of three men convicted of rape.

During the 26-second clip in which the crimes of the men are announced over a loudspeaker, numerous onlookers are seen photographing or filming the graphic executions.

Human rights officials are concerned not only about the executions, but also the legal system preceding them.

It is thought the three men seen hanged were tried and convicted of rape within two months, raising questions about the fairness of their trial.

Amnesty International say the deaths are among at least 28 executions acknowledged by the authorities.

The executions follow several widely publicized gang rapes of women this year in Iran. In some cases, officials blamed the victims for failing to adhere to the official code on dress or gender segregation.

Grisly: At the end of the video the buses move away and the prisoners die in front of the crowd

Note: Some readers may find the footage disturbing.

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