"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Put the Army on the Mexican Border

General Blackjack Pershing took charge of the 8th Brigade in San Francisco.  His mission was to patrol the Mexican – American border in response to the wave of instability and revolution sweeping Mexico. 

America - A Nation of Pussies
Modern Americans are frightened to death
to defend their own borders.

EDITOR  -  Nationalist Donald Trump is talking about putting American troops on the American border to protect Americans. Naturally the Leftists are soiling their pants and the "Conservative" GOP is largely hiding under their desks in hopes that no one will ask them any hard questions.

So since the subject came up here is a re-print of my article from June 13, 2014.

By Gary;

Literally millions of illegal aliens are pouring over our borders and no one really gives a crap.

Democrats, Republicans or independents, it does not matter.  Everyone in a damn pussy.  As a nation we are frightened to death to defend our borders because we might somehow hurt the feelings of the lawbreakers forcing their way into the country in order to suck on our tax money and take our jobs.

Well it is way past time to put our army on the border.

What is the point of sending an army to Afghanistan when America's borders are wide open to invasion?  But no one has the balls to say this out loud.

Back in the olden days when men were men Democrat President Woodrow Wilson had no problem deploying the U.S. Army to secure our southern border.

On March 15, 1916 on orders from Wilson, Major General John J. Pershing led an expeditionary force of 4,800 men into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa and to protect American cities in Texas from attack.

The first battle between the Villistas and the soldiers took place on March 29, 1916, at San Geronimo Ranch, near the town of Guerrero. After a long march through the Sierra Madre, Colonel George A. Dodd and 370 men of the 7th Cavalry, launched a cavalry charge.

During the five-hour battle, over 75 of Villa's men were killed or wounded and he was forced to retreat into the mountains. Only five of the Americans were hurt, none of them fatally. 

I do not say we need to invade Mexico, but it is obvious that the Mexican government helps and encourages the invasion of illegals over the border.

The time is here to put the American army to work.  You either protect our border or the United States will cease to exist.

The Pancho Villa Expedition

U.S. troops at a staging area for General John J. Pershing's 1916 incursion into Mexico to apprehend Mexican renegade Poncho Villa, who raided U.S. territory in retaliation for U.S. support of President Victoriano Huerta.

Cavalry Regiment Returning from the campaign in Mexico

An angry General Pershing stomps a nest of rattlesnakes, called 
bandits and "villistas," followers of Pancho Villa.

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