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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Illegal Alien Caravan Reaches U.S.Border

The Endless Flood of Illegals

  • How many billions of the world's illegal alien poor must we take in to be "safe" from being called racists for daring to defend our own borders?
  • No matter which open borders party controls Congress nothing changes. Trump is the ONLY politician willing to act.

(Newsmax)  -  The first 50 Central American migrants in a caravan that set out from southern Mexico in late March have reached the U.S. border, now secured with help from National Guard personnel sent by President Donald Trump.

Since peaking at around 1,500 people, the migrant caravan has dwindled under pressure from Trump and Mexican migration authorities, who vowed to separate those migrants with a right to stay in Mexico from those who did not.

Some of those migrants began arriving in the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Wednesday and have requested asylum in the United States.

"Since yesterday, some began to cross into the United States to turn themselves in from Tijuana and request asylum. We understand more of (the migrants) will do the same," said Jose Maria Garcia, director of Juventud 2000, an organization dedicated to assisting migrants.

He said more migrants, many of whom are stranded in Mexico's central states, are expected to arrive in the coming days.

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