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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

France stops "Far-Right" from blocking illegal aliens

The Colonization of Europe

  • France only bothers to send security forces to the border when the so-called "far-right" blocks illegal aliens from entering the country.

(Telegraph)  -  France's interior minister has pledged to beef up security on the country’s Alpine borders with Italy after a far-Right "commando" group blocked access to migrants seeking to cross a key snowy pass, and pro-migrant groups stormed another entry point.

The pledge came hours after France's National Assembly passed a controversial immigration law that laid bare unprecedented splits in President Emmanuel Macron's ruling centrist party.

Late Saturday and early Sunday, a group of around 100 activists from the small far-Right group Génération Identitaire - reportedly including Britons - launched a high-profile attempt to shut off the col de l’Echelle, a 1,762m-high pass some six kilometres (almost four miles) from the Italian border.

They erected makeshift barriers at the “strategic point for illegal immigrants” and unfurled a banner in English which read: “Closed border. You will not make Europe your home. No way. Back to your homeland.”

Pro-migrant groups responded to the operation by forcing a passage at the nearby Montgenevre Pass, taking around 30 migrants with them from Italy to France after scuffles with French border police.  Two pro-migrant activists were arrested on Monday.

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The Greek War of Independence from the Muslims.
This comes under the "How soon we forget" department.
After 400 plus years of slavery, the Greeks fought a bloody war of independence against tyrannical Muslim rule between 1821 and 1832.  The Greeks had assistance from Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and several other European powers against the Muslim Ottoman Empire, who were assisted by their vassals, the Eyalet of Egypt, and partly by the Beylik of Tunis.
The Muslim Turks took their revenge against the Greeks.  Most of the Greeks in the Greek quarter of Constantinople were massacred. On Easter Sunday, 9 April 1821,Gregory V was hanged in the central outside portal of the Ecumenical Patriarchate by the Ottomans. His body was mutilated and thrown into the sea, where it was rescued by Greek sailors. 
One week later, the former Ecumenical Patriarch Cyril VI was hanged in the gate of the Adrianople's cathedral. This was followed by the execution of two Metropolitans and twelve Bishops by the Turkish authorities. By the end of April, a number of prominent Greeks had been decapitated by Turkish forces in Constantinople

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Muslim Oppression in the Balkans
The Christians of Greece and the Balkans were conquered and ruled by a Muslim dictatorship out of Turkey.  Just after the American War for Independence the Christians of the Balkans began to fight back against Muslim oppression and to re-establish their independent nations.
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