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Monday, April 30, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

A Worldwide Cultural Phenomenon

  • Who would have thought that Captain America's shield symbol alone would come to be recognized by most people on the planet Earth.

By Gary;

I said to myself, the 12:30 Sunday matinee of Avengers: Infinity War should be no problem. After all I live in a small central California mountain town.

As I roll up to the theater the word shit rolled off my tongue.  Two of the four screens were already devoted to the Avengers and there was a line extending down the block for tickets . . . on a Sunday.

It didn't help that I got one of the last tickets and was stuck in the front row. There is nothing like being that up close and personal with any movie. Never again.

And then there were the three unruly brats in my row that the parents refused to control. I wanted to use Negan's barbed wire baseball bat on the entire family.

But I digress.

With so many Marvel characters thrown into one movie I went in expecting a cluttered disaster. I was so wrong.

The Avenger's directors Anthony and Joe Russo has previously done Captain America: The Winter Soldier which ranks at #5 of the best Superhero movies. The near perfection of that film was brought over to the Avengers.

The Russos managed to weave a ridiculously large and complex series of plot lines and characters into a smooth flowing and entertaining movie. Somehow they managed to give many of the characters a fair share of screen time, character and plot development. I never thought that would be possible.

A note, No one at my sold out Sunday matinee showing left the theater at the end. We all waited through the mind-numbingly long credits in order to see the teaser at the end.

That says the audience was totally entertained which is all you can ask from movies.

Rated 9 out of 10

Movie studios dream that a movie makes this much money over its entire run. The Avengers made it in a single weekend.


Unknown said...

Avengers Infinity War Review IMDB. A movie should stand on its own two feet as an entertainment experience. You shouldn't have to watch 18 other movies first in order to enjoy a film. Unfortunately, to enjoy Avengers: Infinity War, you really have to have seen all the other MCU films or this film doesn't really make any sense. Hell, they rarely even introduce characters by name, let alone give you any clue as to who these people are. It really takes shalllowness to a whole new level of yawn-inducing ennui. Click avengers infinity war full movie watch movie free on zmovies now. It's not like I haven't seen any other Marvel superhero movies; I've seen several. When I was a kid, I read the comic books. And I still had no clue who most of the characters in this movie were! And I certainly didn't give two hoots whether they lived or died.

Gary said...

**** You shouldn't have to watch 18 other movies first in order to enjoy a film.****

Don't watch it. Problem solved.

Meanwhile the rest of the planet earthy will enjoy The Avengers.