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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Norse pagan soldier gets to wear a beard

Beards For All

  • Real men wear beards. Why would a man want to shave so he could look like a 12 year old boy?
  • But even in this article the army insults a religion calling them heathens.

(Army Times)  -  When the Army authorized beards for religious soldiers in early 2017, the move was a response to years of requests — and a lawsuit — from Sikh soldiers seeking to both serve and adhere to the tenets of their faith.

But the directive, technically, applied to all religions.

And that includes Norse pagans, also known as heathens, according to an undated memo from the 14th Military Police Brigade at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

“I grant your accommodation, subject to the standards and limitations described below,” commander Col. Curtis Shroeder wrote to a 795th Military Police Battalion soldier, whose name is redacted from a copy of the memo circulating on Facebook.

“In observance of your Heathen; Norse Pagan faith, you may wear a beard, in accordance with Army uniform and grooming standards for soldiers with approved religious accommodations.”

Per the latest version of AR 670-1, beards with approved accommodations must be less than 2 inches long, measured from the bottom of the chin, and cannot be groomed with any petroleum-based products.

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Worshiping Thor should be respected by our military.

Loki was not the only Norse God involved in mischief.

On a Serious Note
It is not up to the army to dictate religious faith or facial hair for that matter. Some of our greatest warriors, U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, wore beards. 

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