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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, April 9, 2018

GOP silent as Conservatism is censored on the Internet

Internet Nazi Book Burnings
We are becoming what we fought against and the "Conservative" Republican Party is, as usual, silent.

By Gary;

I just do not know what the fuck to do this November.

The so-called "choice" on my ballot for Congress will be between a Marxist filth Leftist and my GOP Congressman who deliberately remains silent as Conservative voice after Conservative voice is being censored on the Internet.

I firmly believe Republicans want Conservatives censored. By Republicans I mean elected GOP officials not the rank and file Conservative voter.

The Republican Party leadership openly pisses on their own voters.

If elected Republicans actually believed in Conservatism they would be spitting mad angry at the endless examples of censorship. But in the GOP caucus all you hear is silence with crickets in the background.

Just this weekend we have been given the examples of Black Trump supporters Diamond and Silk are censored by YouTube and the CEO of Twitter calling for a one-party Leftist state.

Instead of freedom of speech I predict that this next week the talking points of the braindead GOP will be Russia and boring generic platitudes about small government. You can bet your bottom dollar GOP "leaders" will not be voting one damn dime more for a border wall.

So what do Conservatives do?

In the last 14 years or so I think I only voted once for a Republican for Congress, and that was back in 2012. He lost and immediately went to work for the liberal Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles. That tells you a lot about those claiming to be Conservative.

We can't let the Marxists have total control. That slowly takes us down the road to Venezuela.

But on the other hand what do you do when your only choices are two open borders parties who both support big government and are anti-1st and 4th Amendments?

I suspect I will cast a protest vote yet again by leaving the office blank. . . . blank unless the GOP grows a set of balls between now and November.

Censorship of Conservatives Reaches New Peak

Thought Criminals
Leftist Internet Oligarchs Crush Free Speech

Diamond and Silk are ‘Unsafe to the community’

The GOP is really good at only one thing: Hiding under their desks the hope no one will ask them any hard questions.
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